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Clean with a microfibre cloth, soaked in neutral soap or delicate cleanser diluted in water.
Avoid to use ethyl alcohol or detergents that contain even small amounts of acetone trichloroethylene or ammonia or solvents.

* also for fire retardant polycarbonate class 1


Clean with a microfibre cloth, soaked in neutral soap or neutral cleaners diluted in water. Use of steam is allowed.
Avoid paper clothes, abrasive sponges and granular detergents which could damage the features of the surface.

* also for fire retardant polypropylene class 1


Clean with a microfibre cloth, soaked in neutral soap, liquid cleansers or degreaser solvent.
Use of steam is allowed, ethylic alcohol or thinner.
Avoid abrasive sponges and granular detergents that could damage the surface.


Clean with a microfibre cloth, soaked in cold water.
Avoid the use of cleasings which hold in solution chlorine and solvents.
Possible liquid or other residues should be immediately removed to avoid absorption and permanent stains.


Clean with a microfibre cloth, soaked in neutral soap or neutral cleaners diluted in water.
Avoid do not use any solvents.
Absolutely do not use ethylic alcohol or cleaners with ammonia, acetone or trichloroethylene.


Clean with a microfiber cloth, soaked in water.
Avoid cotton clothes, paper clothes, granular agent cleasings which could opacify or scratch the surface.
Do not use cleanings or solvents.


Marble is a limestone rock with a crystalline composition primarily made of calcium carbonate. Variations in the background color or in its veins or irregular blot are the inherent characteristics of the natural material that make it unique and precious over the time.

For daily maintenance use a microfiber cloth and neutral detergent. A rinsing with water is recommended. Even if marble tops for indoor use have a “stain-resistant" protective treatment on the surface (waterproof), it is good practice a prompt action drying any le’over liquid, to avoid absorption and consequent spots or halos which are difficult to remove.

- Avoid the use of alcohol and products containing acidic substances or limescale.
- Avoid the use of metal scourers or abrasive products that could alter the brightness of the marble surface.
 - Avoid the direct use of sharp tools.
- Pay attention, for example, to lemon juice, tomatoes, oil, vinegar ...

Depending on the use, it is recommended to renew the anti-stain treatment using specific produc


Falls or impacts of heavy objects could irreparably damage surfaces and edges.


PVC seat with nylon inner core, UV resistant. 100% recyclable materiai with excellent mechanical properties.

Made in accordance with the regulation:

EN 1728 Seat and back static load test
EN 1728 Combined seat and back fatigue test, 200.000 cycles
EN 16139 Requirements for non domestic seatings Model protected by Community Registration.

Maintenance and care instructions

Clean with a microftbre cloth soaked in neutral soap or neutral liquid detergent. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.
Avoid the use of aggressive and abrasive cleaning cleansers.

Do not use the chair improperly.
Do not stand on the seat.
Do not seat on the back.
Do not drag the stacked chairs.