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Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Buddy collection has been enriched with new elements that enhance its versatile, functional nature, featured by a contrast between the bold volumes of the seat and a slender, lightweight frame. The line comprises a chair, a two seats bench and a chaise-longue with generous backrests, combined with softly upholstered poufs, creating a family of soft modular seatings, that reflect the friendly spirit of the collection. The different sizes of the poufs and backrests, each available in two heights, allow multiple combinations matching the varied needs of contemporary and multipurpose spaces: from relaxation areas to airport lounges, and through to latest-generation co-working spaces. A turning tablet can also be added to the configuration.

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School Enrico Fermi


Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Мануэла Бусетти и Андрея Гарути познакомились во время учебы на факультете промышленного дизайна в Европейском Институте Дизайна в Милане. Уже в процессе обучения они вместе решают вопросы проектирования, а в 2004 году в рамках XX премии " Золотой Циркуль " ADI, они получают премию "Выбор Молодого Проекта" за дипломный проект "Double" - инновационную сумку-холодильник из неопрена.

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