PEDRALI - The Italian Essence

#Pedraligoodideas at Salone del Mobile 2018


From 17 to 22 April, Italian furniture brand Pedrali will be showcasing its latest collections at the 57th Salone del Mobile in Milan with the #Pedraligoodideas setting (Hall 10, Stand B19-C28) designed by the Milanese architectural studio Calvi Brambilla. Drawing inspiration from an object as charged with meaning as the light bulb, Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla studio pays tribute to the Italian company's "latest good ideas" with an installation that is both a museum display and a product dramatisation.

The light bulb takes on an iconic dimension with a twofold communicative and architectural element, forming the leitmotif of the entire installation.

The 800 sq.m stand forms a single, highly architectural volume, marked by longitudinal and circular openings strung with light bulbs. The effect is that of a museum itinerary through seven spaces displaying the brand’s latest collections. Drawing Inspiration from the world of art, architecture and theatre, the entire stand is accentuated with refined elegance.

The theatre, in particular, is spectacularly evoked by square, round and rectangular platforms edged with iconic light bulbs, where “director” Pedrali will stage a brand new show featuring the company's latest products. Just as the leading actress puts the final touches to her look in the privacy of her dressing room, so the products are reflected in large mirrors, as if preparing to go on stage.

Divided into seven areas the 100m exhibition itinerary, where visitors can discover Pedrali’s 2018 new collections, is comprising an actual foyer as well. The result is a simple yet refined, setting which is truly captivating.

The architectural space is dominated by the colour blue, as a tribute to the works of the artist Félix González-Torres. This light colour is also a clear reference to the company's two-year advertising campaign.

In Pedrali Good Ideas, product dramatisation is made even more interactive by subtle references to the world of peep-shows, where visitors can look at real life dance performances staged around some of the brand's most iconic products through peepholes.