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Pedrali supports the exhibition "Gli Animali nell'Arte dal Rinascimento a Ceruti"


This year too, Pedrali supports the exhibition curated by Davide Dotti entitled "Gli Animali nell'Arte dal Rinascimento a Ceruti", which will remain open until June 9th 2019 at Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia.

The exhibition narrates how the animal has always played a key role in the History of Art. From Raffaello to Caravaggio, from Guercino to Tiepolo up to Ceruti, the public will make an exciting journey through three centuries, admiring the masterpieces of the great masters who painted animals of all species. The exhibition, for its cultural, artistic and scientific importance, has obtained the prestigious patronage of WWF Italy.

Some products of the Pedrali collection furnish the exhibition itinerary.

Blitz chairs, Babila armchairs, Arki-Table tables, Ikon benches and tables, thanks to their versatility, are perfectly suited to the exhibition spaces. The Wow poufs, the Brik umbrella stands and the Kado vases are the best solution to welcome visitors into an area that will be transformed into a real "artistic zoo” for twenty weeks.