PEDRALI - The Italian Essence

Pedrali at IMM 2019


New collections between stylistic research of design and materials

Also this year Pedrali, Italian leading company producing design furniture for public spaces, offices and homes, takes part to IMM in Cologne, the first international fair of the year dedicated to Interior Design, from 14th to 20th January.

The setting of Pedrali (Hall 2.2 Stand A-003) located inside Pure Editions, the section directed at design premium brands, pays tribute to the Italian company's "latest good ideas" with an installation that is both a product spectacularization and draws inspiration from an object as charged with meaning as the light bulb, which becomes a communicative and architectural element.

The stand, designed by the Milanese studio Calvi Brambilla, forms a single, highly architectural volume, marked by longitudinal and circular openings strung with light bulbs and it is dominated by the colour blue, a clear reference to the company's two-year advertising campaign.

The reference to theatre is immediate: round and rectangular platforms edged with iconic light bulbs, where “director” Pedrali will stage a brand new show featuring the company's latest products. Just as the leading actress puts the final touches to her look in the privacy of her dressing room, so the products are reflected in large mirrors, as if preparing to go on stage.

Six collections are in the spotlight of the exhibition space. Special attention is given to the new collaboration with the Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet, with his two new products, stemming from a stylistic research involving shapes and materials. Remind is an innovative polypropylene armchair in which each element has been measured to ensure total comfort and cosiness. Soul is a chair in wood and polycarbonate that expresses an idea of uncontaminated creativity.

There are also two new projects by CMP Design. Tribeca, an outdoor seating collection that is a modern reinterpretation of classic Sixties patio chairs made from steel and woven material and Nym, collection made of solid ash wood that, thanks to the polyurethane foam padding, ensures absolute comfort.

The exhibition continues with Vic by Patrick Norguet, a collection of comfortable and simply elegant upholstered seatings, and Elinor, an Executive chair that is the result of the new collaboration with the designer Claudio Bellini: refined with a high aesthetic quality, it is perfect also for a home-office.

The collections are matched with Elliot tables by Patrick Jouin, with its minimal design.

Beyond the mirrors there is a lounge area characterized by a red carpet, which contrasts the blue walls. Here it is possible to sit on Fox, by Patrick Norguet, and Jazz armchairs, combined with Fluxo tables by Luca Casini, or to take a break on Buddy chairs, two seats benches and chaise-longue, designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, with generous backrests, with softly upholstered poufs, creating a comfortable, versatile and functional collection