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Organic paints, the new revolution begins at Pedrali


Pedrali, which has always been committed to environmental sustainability throughout every stage of the manufacturing process, now begins using only plant-derived water-based paints.

The issue of environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the architecture and industrial design sector. With a view to offering its customers the best possible quality, Pedrali has seized the opportunity offered by organic-innovation in the paint industry, continuing its path of commitment to enhancing and caring for the environment at every stage of the manufacturing process, which it began years ago.

Formulated with 40% raw materials sourced from “waste” plant substances, these plant-based paints offer durability, chemical- and light-resistance, and industrial usability comparable to classic petroleum-based products, but with a drastic reduction of the fossil-derived component. This allows Pedrali to offer products of the highest quality, fully in line with the most advanced "green policies", in addition to improving the working environment in which these paints are used.

Made from renewable materials sourced from refining processes of waste plant substances, the new paints used by Pedrali guarantee a substantial decrease in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), chemical compounds contained in normal paints, which evaporate at room temperature and can cause serious harm to human health, as well as contribute to air pollution. The result is a healthier and less hazardous working environment, since these paints are non-flammable; less air pollution, and vast energy savings, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The use of organic water-based paints represents yet another leap forward for the company towards environmental sustainability, enabling Pedrali to pursue a path in obtaining important international certifications, and to consistently apply these principles, which are a fundamental part of the Made in Pedrali ethos, to every stage of the production process of its collections, consisting of chairs, tables, lamps and interior accessories.