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Lo Splendore di Venezia


From January 23rd to June 12th Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia (Italy) hosts Lo splendore di Venezia. Canaletto, Bellotto, Guardi e i vedutisti dell’Ottocento”, the most important exhibition of the Venetian landscape painting in the '700 and '800 ever organized in Italy and curated by Mr. Davide Dotti.

Pedrali is technical partner of this international exhibition with masterpieces from public and private collections both Italian and foreign, celebrating the Italian city that more than any other has been and still is a timeless myth in the collective imagination: Venice.

The products of the collection, including Volt stools and Ikon benches, fit out the exhibition spaces.

Palazzo Martinengo

Via dei Musei, 30 – Brescia (Italy)