PEDRALI - The Italian Essence

IMM Cologne


Pedrali will be back in Cologne for the IMM, the first international exhibition of the year for furnishings that will take place from 18th to 24th January.

The installation Pedrali Stars by Migliore+Servetto Architects transforms the exhibition space into a series of sets for photo shoots. An area of transparency and intersecting perspectives, placing the focus on the products in an intimate and welcoming context.

The latest in armchairs is the Nolita Lounge and the version with upholstered seating Nemea.

The Nemea collection will also be showcased in an acrobatic performance in the installation Nemea Circus created by Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo within the Featured Editions format, organized by Stylepark.

On January 17th at IMM the Nolita collection will receive the Iconic Awards 2016 - Interior innovation.