PEDRALI - The Italian Essence

IMM 2017: inspiring colours


Pedrali has impressed the visitors of IMM Cologne, the first international exhibition of the year for design interiors, thanks to a stand featuring original fit-outs with vivid and captivating shades, situated at Pure Editions hall the section dedicated to premium brands of the international design.

The display space, designed by the Milan-based architecture studio Calvi Brambilla, consists of a central area featured by dark shades and overlooked by five niches showing bright colours that recall home most intimate and cosiest spaces both indoor and outdoor.           

Thanks to their versatility the products of the collection can easily transform a corner or a room of the house into an elegant and functional workplace as well as the garden into a city dehors or a convivial area.

Dome and Nolita chairs mitigate the darkness of the night under a full moon-shaped Happy Apple lamp   standing alone in the sky and recreating a situation of relax close to nature.

Intrigo chairs and Concrete table evoke an urban outdoor atmosphere: a quick coffee-break with friends before returning to work riding a bicycle.

The dark shades of upholstered Vic armchairs in the new version with steel legs match an Arki-Table and create an elegant and cosy atmosphere.

Modus 2.0 modular seating contribute to design intimate corners where convivial moments are spent enjoying a high level of comfort. Seat and back are padded with fire-retardant grade foamed polyurethane, upholstered in faux leather or smooth-finished fabric with horizontal stitches, buttons or capitonnè. A laminate shelf applicable to the external side of the back is an optional accessory.


photo © nava-rapacchietta