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Double presence in Belgium with Biennale Bistro


The Babila chair, in the plywood shell stained black and steel rood sled frame version, was chosen to furnish the BIENNALE BISTRO, a temporary space in the city center of Kortrijk displayed during the last edition of BIENNALE INTERIEUR. A place where meeting people, drinking a coffee or tasting some delicious Belgian dishes.

The interior project was conceived and developed by the last eight winners of The Belgian Designers of the Year Award: Alain Berteau (2006), Nedda El-Asmar (2007), Stefan Schöning (2008), Sylvain Willenz (2009), Bram Boo (2010), Nathalie Dewez (2011), Alain Gilles (2012), and Jean-François D’Or (2013).

photo © Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

photo © Bart Kiggenh