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Design heats motors


A wormy and sunny day lighted up the ninth edition of “Targa Città di Palazzolo – Coppa Tullio Bordogna”, a regularity competition for vintage cars organized by Kronos racing team.

Also this year Pedrali sponsored and hosted the event in its headquarter on Sunday 2nd June.
Indeed, during the route, cars stopped over in Pedrali and undertook four time-regularity trials in the racetrack set up among the warehouses. Aliverti-Emanuele team won a trial in Pedrali, the stage and the complete race. While the teams Rampello-Migliorati, Barcella-Ghidotti and Aime-Pellini won the other three single trials in Pedrali’s racetrack.
For this occasion Pedrali raffled Colette lamps designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari presented in 2013.

The winner of Pedrali’s racetrack was awarded with the big Colette (height 50 cm), while the four winners of the single trials were awarded with the small version of Colette (height 30 cm).

After the stage in Pedrali, the cars continued the race for 100 Km among the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, Oglio valley, Bergamo hills, Iseo Lake and Franciacorta with arrival at Hotel Relaisfranciacorta in Colombaro di Cortefranca.