PEDRALI - The Italian Essence

Christmas tales


Magical and evocative spaces, straight from a fairytale. Warm, cozy colors help create a sense of serenity and warmth, felt on those special occasions in the company of loved ones. Snapshots of the festive season, with enchanting interiors inspired by both tradition - through symbols such as the bedecked tree, holly wreaths and gifts ready to be unwrapped - and innovation, thanks to Pedrali furnishings with their clean, ultra-modern lines.

A dinner table set for a festive meal, cheerfully lit by Giravolta, the wireless lamp inspired by the lanterns of the past. Soft Babila chairs are ready to welcome the guests as they arrive, bringing everyone together for this special holiday. Warm colors, combined with enveloping, comfortable forms create the perfect mood for a Christmas night of festive cheer in good company.

The relaxed, homespun spirit of Christmas, the winter season’s most awaited celebration, is also expressed through furnishings: the distinctive characteristics of these elements give them an evocative allure. Social, the modular, composable sofa, is linear and elegant, and has been designed with entertaining in mind. Soft cushions filled with genuine goose feathers enrich a room that’s ready to host memorable moments.

Christmas also means taking a break from everyday life, with time out for rest and reflection. The Babila Comfort armchair or the Log Sofa, with their enveloping forms and generous dimensions, snugly embrace those who want to read a book in the warmth of the fireside.

For kids, these are truly special days, filled with magic and joyful anticipation. Sitting on the brightly-colored chairs from the Snow Junior, in the light of Colette lamps, with dolls and toys all around, they wait impatiently for Santa Claus to come.