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A small gesture to share the joy of Christmas


With great joy this year we wanted to be close to different social realities that are particularly meaningful for us.

Luigi Giussani School in Uganda
Luigi Giussani primary school, run by the Headmaster Andrea Nembrini, aims to promote and improve access to education in one of the shanty towns of Kampala, in Uganda. Pedrali supports this important reality that, through educational and learning courses, helps children to discover their own dignity, to cultivate their talents to become the leading players of their own lives and active subjects in the development of the whole society.

conGiulia Onlus is an association that operates in the Oncohematology department of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo to support children and teenagers affected by cancer. Pedrali supports the "Let's move together/Muoviamoci insieme" project aimed at preventing and reducing the damages caused by medicines and protracted lodging in hospital in small patients through active mobility and specific physiotherapy.

Eméra Project
Pedrali supports Eméra project, active in Brescia and its province, which give assistance to minors who lives a situation of heavy educational discomfort. With the help of educators and psychotherapists, throught theatrical and artistic workshops, art-theraphy and civic education courses, the project aims to improve the relationship skills and enrich the cultural and social horizon of these children and their families. 

Nadia Valsecchi Foundation
The Nadia Valsecchi Onlus Foundation supports and finances scientific research for the treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer. Pedrali supports the Foundation, which aims to shed light on an illness that is still little known, helping hospitals to provide assistance to patients and informing them and their relatives about research developments.

Shalom Community
Founded in 1986 in Palazzolo sull'Oglio to help and support young people in the difficult fight against drug addiction, the Shalom Community today welcomes over 300 women, men and children who live difficult situations. The goal is to offer concrete study and work opportunities, for social recovery and reintegration. Pedrali has been supporting this Community for over 30 years.