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New tilting table

Design Jorge Pensi Design Studio

Designed to meet the needs of the contemporary office, the Ypsilon table now comes in a new tilting and stackable version. At the cutting-edge in terms of quality, it conveys both attention to details and a high-tech elements. The table is perfect for flexible and temporary workspaces and meeting areas, and has a functional key nature, as it can be moved and stored away when not in use. Ypsilon is truly versatile and can become a working station, a meeting table, or a support for use in latest-generation co-working spaces. The top is connected with a die-cast aluminium base by an extruded aluminium column. The bonus feature of this table is a unique mechanism patented by Pedrali, that allows the top to be flipped over and moved from a horizontal to a vertical position through two well designed release handles, in red colour. The top is automatically locked into a vertical position or working position, preventing it from opening by error, ensuring the maximum security. This mechanism, as well as being aesthetically clean and not impacting, guarantees a simple and silent opening. Ypsilon can be stacked frontally, with its top perpendicular to the floor so as to save space. Its quintessential and contemporary appearance is the result of a meticulous analysis of contemporary aesthetics, making it the ideal solution for multipurpose environments.