PEDRALI - The Italian Essence

A step away from heaven


With a design that takes its inspiration from ice crystals and the reflections of snow, the new Mont Blanc cableway is a truly great engineering work which, in just 19 minutes, takes you up to 3466 metres, a step away from heaven.

The interior design of the three stations, by architects Roberto Rosset and Danilo Montovert, has stayed in tune with the exterior architecture, characterised by large windows, significant heights and visible structures.

The rooms dedicated to food service have been set out using design elements combined with furnishing solutions from Italian company Pedrali.

The Malmö collection with its Scandinavian taste has been chosen for the Restaurant Bar Bellevue located in the intermediate station of Pavillon du Mont-Fréty and the polypropylene Volt chairs  feature in the Bistrot des Glaciers at the Punta Helbronner station.