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“Donne nell’Arte” at Palazzo Martinengo


“Donne nell’Arte” at Palazzo Martinengo

Pedrali supports the exhibition dedicated to the feminine universe

In occasion of its sixth edition, Pedrali supports the new exhibition at Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia curated by Davide Dotti and titled “DONNE NELL’ARTE da Tiziano a Boldini”.

The exhibition, inside the palimpsest of the known local museum until June the 7th, tells about how the woman has always had a central role in the Italian history of Art, since the beginnings of the Renaissance until the Belle Époque. The expositive path shows more than 90 masterpieces of artists, such as Raffaello, Tiziano, Caravaggio, Tiepolo, De Nittis, Zandomeneghi and Boldini who, through their works of art, have been able to represent personality, sophistication, temper, sensuality and the finest shades of the feminine universe, focusing on fashion, hairstyle and accessories typical of all eras and geographical contexts.

Some products of Pedrali collection furnish the expositive path. Blitz chairs, Babila armchairs, Arki-Table, Ikon benches and tables, thanks to the adaptability, they perfectly fit in the expositive environment. Wow poufs, Brik umbrella stands and Kado pots are the perfect solution to welcome visitors inside the museum.

Supporting “Donne nell’Arte”, Pedrali pursue the path aimed to support and valorization of initiatives and events promoted inside valuable museums and exhibitions #Pedrali4art