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Anime e Volti della pittura italiana dell’Ottocento


This year again  Pedrali supports the art exhibition, curated by Davide Dotti, “Da Hayez a Boldini. Anime e Volti della pittura italiana dell’Ottocento“, opening the exhibition year of Palazzo Martinengo, in Brescia.

The exhibition remains open until the 11th of June 2017 and it aims to tell -  through a selection of more than a hundred artworks of Canova, Hayez, Fattori, Lega, Signorini, Inganni, Segantini, Morbelli, De Nittis, Zandomeneghi, Boldini and others  -  the extraordinary Italian  artistic  season in the course of  XIX century;  it presents  the  artistic movements born in that period,  which have caracterized  the Italian art scene, as one of the most vibrant and dynamic in Europe

The exhibit route opens with “Amore e Psiche stanti”,  Antonio Canova’ masterpiece: this is the plaster cast, a preliminary work for the marble sculpture displayed at S.Petersburg Hermitage Museum, that allows to admire the details and the accuracy, including the features of a butterfly in the hands of the sculptures, a symbol of passion and purity.

Different products from Pedrali collection, such as Blitz chairs, Babila armchairs, Fabbrico and Arki-Table tables, Volt stools, Ikon benches and tables, Wow pouf, Brik umbrella stands and Kado pots have been chosen to furnish the exhibition route.

Palazzo Martinengo
Via dei Musei, 30 – Brescia