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A collaboration started 10 years ago


Pedrali celebrates a double anniversary: with Odo Fioravanti and Jorge Pensi

The 2018 for Pedrali marks the tenth year of collaboration with two well-known names in Italian and international design: Odo Fioravanti and Jorge Pensi.

Odo Fioravanti and Jorge Pensi were the key players of the “Talking about Design”, the speech about the design of yestareday, today and tomorrow, which was held on September 13, 2018 at the Pedrali Headquarter orchestrated by Luca Molinari as moderator. The partnership started ten years ago is the result of the combination of the creative expression of the designers and the know-how of the Italian company. “I think there is something deeply honest in the fact that objects do their job, which is to enter people’s lives gracefully, gently and then somehow take different meanings day to day. In Pedrali I find the technology and a sense of community” – explains Odo Fioravanti. For Jorge it is important that the goal to achieve is to create objects with a timeless design. “I am very happy to work with Pedrali. We share the same values. Quality represents a central point for both of us. I have always admired Italian design and being able to be part of it is an honour for me” – states Jorge Pensi.

Ten years ago, in 2008, Ypsilon was launched, the first iconic and timeless product designed by Jorge Pensi for Pedrali. This collection of tables is characterized by clean lines and light and refined shapes. The key to its success is also given by Ypsilon’s ability to be suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. Made of aluminium, this table is light and easy to handle/move, leaning gently on the floor, almost floating in the surrounding space.

In 2008 Odo Fioravanti designed for Pedrali two chairs: Snow and Frida chairs which, over the years both products were an instant success with the public, and also received the recognition of the critics. At its debut at the Salone del Mobile, Snow won the first prize of Young&Design.

To celebrate Snow's tenth anniversary, Odo Fioravanti has designed four special versions of the chair, connecting them with music tracks that accompanied its history, with an installation entitled “Let it SNOW: ten years together”.

First version: Dancing queen - As Snow enters adulthood, it transforms into a "rocking chair" and continues dancing like a queen.
Second version: Girls just wanna have fun - Snow continues to have fun and to fly high as a carefree swing. 
Third version: We are family - a stack of chairs, from the biggest to the smallest, to represent the large family of products and multiples born from Snow.
Fourth version: Born to be wild – A Snow with the wheels to tell the story of its many journeys around the world. 

First launched in 2008 at the 32nd Promosedia, Frida won the Top Chair Residential award in 2008.

In 2011, Frida won the XXII ADI Compasso d’Oro ADI, the oldest and most influential international design award, for its "simple sculptural beauty". Frida explored new possibilities in the field of woodworking. Its most extraordinary feature is the superposition of a three-dimensional shell on a solid wood frame. The result is a sturdy yet extremely cosy chair characterized by lightness and resistance.

To demonstrate this, there are several project within which there are these products. Frida has become part of the furnishings of the Olivo restaurant in London whose interiors, designed by the architect Pierluigi Piu, are characterized by soft and evocative lights able to create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Snow chair, a new classic with playful shapes suitable for different contexts, was chosen for the interiors of the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. Ypsilon tabes, light and at the same time resistant, have been included in the café of the Labirinto della Masone in Fontanellato, the largest labyrinth in existence in the world, designed by Franco Maria Ricci and within projects which gained international attention such as the Google Campus in Dublin and the Moleskine Café, in the heart of the Brera design district in Milan.