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Eugeni Quitllet

Remind chair evoks the soft, sinuous curves of the wooden chairs of the late 19th century, reinterpreted in an innovative key. This sensual and romantic design has a completely new feel about it. Made from a monoblock of injection-moulded polypropylene, the transpiring seat and backrest contribute to the chair’s airy, lightweight appearance, as well as to its embracing comfort. The perforated backrest of Remind can be decorated with tiny colourful pixels made from polypropylene, so anyone can become an artist by creating infinite patterns.

In line with Pedrali’s quest for environmental sustainability, Remind also comes in a “recycled grey” version made entirely from recycled material: 50% from plastic material post-consumer waste and 50% from plastic material industrial waste.

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Eugeni Quitllet

Nacido en Ibiza en 1972, Eugeni Quitllet se graduó en la Escuela de Arte Llotja de Barcelona y le gusta llamarse disoñador - un neologismo que deriva de la unión de las palabras diseñador y soñador. Su actividad se dirige principalmente al mundo del diseño industrial y entre sus creaciones se encuentran objetos caracterizados por la combinación de elegancia y sinuosidad.

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