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Busetti Garuti Redaelli

The functional and efficient Buddy Hub offers an isolated alcove that ensures acoustic and visual privacy, in line with the trends for office spaces.
Buddy Hub is characterized by a wrap-around, sound absorbing panel which envelops the seat in a sort of enclosed niche. It is possible to place two units opposite each other and to join them by means of a panel to which a table can be attached, thus creating an informal meeting space or break out area.
Four-seater box with polyurethane injected foam supported by elastic belts, backrest and armrests in polyurethane injected foam, steel frame and aluminium legs.

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Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Manuela Busetti y Andrea Garuti se conocieron durante sus estudios de Diseño Industrial en el Instituto Europeo de Diseño de Milán. Ya en ambiente académico enfrentaban juntos las problemáticas del proyecto y en 2004, en ocasión del XX premio Compasso d’Oro ADI, recibieron la “Selección Proyecto Juvenil” por el proyecto de tesis “Double”, innovadora bolsa térmica de neoprene.

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