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Pedrali working spaces 2020


Pedrali working spaces 2020

Dynamic, modular furniture solutions for working formats of the future


In recent years, office furnishing trends and its environments have gone through considerable changes. The line between home and work is becoming increasingly fine and work spaces have taken on new configurations: open plan offices continue to emerge promoting interaction and fluid exchange. Today, however, the Covid-19 health emergency has transformed such needs: office layouts need to be thought out differently and workstations redesigned. The significant change in lifestyle that we are currently experiencing makes it essential to create new reference models and new ways of interaction.

The office needs to become dynamic and its furniture solutions flexible, functional and sustainable, in order to create tailor made, modular work spaces that can be rearranged according to the needs of the moment. Meeting rooms that can be transformed into multiple workstations, informal meeting spaces obtained by alcoves ensuring acoustic and visual privacy, new areas for on site or remote training - these are just some of the solutions that can redefine the role of the office. In addition to creating separate spaces, desk partitions and office dividers, now more than ever, are essential for promoting social distancing ensuring healthy environments.

This separation, however, should occur within cosy areas with a high-level of aesthetic quality, where users can both concentrate and relax.

This has given rise to spaces that enable greater interconnection, while also complying with current distancing protocols; spaces that can be reconfigured with ease throughout the day and combined with remote smart working.

In configurating new spaces, whether at home or in the office, furniture plays a fundamental role. The goal is to select products that are able to preserve the people wellbeing, made from innovative materials that stand out for their antibacterial properties and facilitate regular cleaning and sanitising.

In order to meet these needs, Pedrali has designed a new line of versatile, innovative solutions conceived for the new scenarios and changing trends of tomorrow’s workspaces.