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Mazzocchi achieves the Polar Arctic Circle


The lawyer Aldo Mazzocchi from Brescia was ranked 1st in the Yukon Artic Ultra competition, MTB (mountainbike) category, honoring Pedrali and the other sponsors that trusted in him.

The solo competition takes place through Alaska and Canada: it starts from Whitehorse and the participants run along four progressive distances – 20, 100, 300 and 400 miles, also using a mountain bike or ski. Along the itinerary they find mountains and valleys to cross and they have to pay attention to frost torrents and blasts of wind. To make the situation worse, the temperature could even reach - 45°.

Mazzocchi left from Whitehorse on February 3rd and crossed the finish line in Dawson on February 11th, winning the Italian new record. He was able to finish the competition in only 7 days and 12 hours, well within the time limit of 13 days.

That’s why Pedrali is doubly pride to have believed in the 47 year old lawyer Aldo Mazzocchi, who is used to join in this kind of extreme ventures.

The “Fat bike” used for the competition, on which you can also find the Pedrali’s logo, will be exhibited at Gialdini Store in Brescia.