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“With Colette lamp we want to light up everyday life. The study of the light modulation is always a priority in our lighting projects, particularly for Colette, with its clear shapes. The light is the result of its lines, curves, transparency, opacity and differences in thickness”.

Colette is a table lamp characterized by the plasticity of the shapes and colours.
A translucent cylinder spills completely the light only in correspondence of the half-sphere. Its transparency gives lightness to the whole lamp.
Its essential shapes make it modern and vital, exactly like the namesake French author that inspired the designers Basaglia and Rota Nodari.

It is completely made of polycarbonate and is available in five colours: white opaline, smoked, transparent yellow, transparent turquoise and transparent red.
Ideal as a bedside table lamp, thanks to its modern and easily combinable shape, fits perfectly in public spaces like halls and hotel bedrooms, cafés and restaurants.
It is part of the Pedrali collection LightingTime.

Design Alberto Basaglia - Natalia Rota Nodari