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The design of the offices is strictly linked to the changes in the world of business under the boost of the technological progress. Thanks to the introduction of new devices for mobile communication the employees do not have to be physically present in the office.

Confidential client office in Rome

Executive office

Chromavis Fareva

Tour Trema


Edificio Cruz

Consorzio Franciacorta

BIC Offices

Vemedo Office

Private Office

Mediclim Office

Microsoft Office

Accenture Office

ASSP Public Office

Gmund DesignLab

Puls Vario

Edelman's Dubai Office

Torre Sassetti

Microsoft House

Nuvola Lavazza Headquarters

Unit 4

PRVA Insurance Group

Playster Headquarters

Sky Italia Coffee-break area

Grey Workplace

Google Campus Madrid

Sky Italia Offices

Uniplaces HQ

Medis Headquarters

Association Vaudoise des EMS

Infinity Offices & Manpower

Google Headquarters


Ufficio Sistema Bergamo

Eldor Corporation Spa


Haus I

Accenture SPA

EXPO REAL | Real Estate Trade Fair 2015

Sector Alarm




Studio Nassini & Associati


German Medical Center

Office Brescia 01

Denta Vita

Sky Italia Coffee-break area

Nuvola Lavazza Headquarters

Enterprise Ireland Estpoint

Office Brescia 5

Office Brescia 6

Uffici Klima Milano Fiere

Palazzo 900

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower