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ARA 315

Jorge Pensi Design Studio

Polypropylene moulded armchair rein­forced with fibreglass, stackable and suita­ble for both indoors and outdoors. The upper part of back structure forms a big handle for an easy lifting and moving, giving it a dis­tinct character. Thanks to the tapered shape of the legs it’s light and elegant, although resistant and non-deformable.

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Cushion (code 310.3)
Trolley (code 1391.100)



Ambient Cafè

Franciacorta Wine Bar

The View Lugano Boutique Hotel

In&Out Café

Office Brescia 6

La Daurada Beach Club



In & Out Café - Restaurant hall 8

Caffè del Tasso


Al punto

San Maurizio Gourmet


Jorge Pensi Design Studio

Jorge Pensi Design Studio was founded in 1984 in Barcelona's Gothic quarter, specializing in furniture and lighting design, the communication of its products and staging.Then the studio has consolidated its position as a global point of reference for contemporary design. Its minimalist and expressive designs have received numerous prizes and awards....

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