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Multifunctional panel


Ypsilon Connect is an elegant and functional free standing, sound absorbing space divider. Designed for the contract industry, this product by Jorge Pensi preserves the formal qualities and iconic characteristics of the Ypsilon table collection.

Featuring clean lines and easily placeable in a variety of settings, Ypsilon Connect is characterised by acoustic panels that are shaped around a structure formed by two die-cast aluminium bases and extruded aluminium columns.

One of the greatest strengths of the Ypsilon Connect lies in its extensive customisation possibilities, thanks to which users can create ever new layouts and consequently manage their spaces more effectively.

In large open-plan environments, the panels can be aligned to each other to form a partition wall to create welcoming office spaces or functional training and meeting rooms.

The Ypsilon Connect is an extremely versatile piece of furniture that changes appearance according to needs by simply adding accessories such as whiteboards, shelves or coat hangers on any of its sides. This multifunctional panel can be also wired to enable the installation of a TV screen holder. Available with and without castors, the Ypsilon Connect is particularly lightweight and easy to handle.