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“Tiziano e Caravaggio in Peterzano” at Accademia Carrara


“Tiziano e Caravaggio in Peterzano” at Accademia Carrara

Pedrali’s furniture chosen for the exhibition dedicated to Peterzano

Buddy collection of upholstered seating by Busetti Garuti Redaelli was chosen to furnish the lounge area located in the last room of the exhibition "Tiziano e Caravaggio in Peterzano", set up at Accademia Carrara and curated by Simone Facchinetti, Francesco Frangi, Paolo Plebani and Maria Cristina Rodeschini.

The exhibition is set inside the palimpsest of the known art gallery until May the 17th. Pupil of Tiziano in Venice and chief of Caravaggio in Milan, Simone Peterzano is the main character of this exhibition as well as a crucial personality in the artistic landscape of Italian Renaissance. The expositive path, enriched with Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese and Caravaggio masterpieces, not only investigates the talent of a little-known painter but also focuses, thanks to exceptional national and international loans, on an important chapter of Painting tradition dated between sixteenth and seventeenth Century.

Supporting “Tiziano e Caravaggio in Peterzano”, Pedrali pursue the path aimed to support and valorization of initiatives and events promoted inside valuable museums and exhibitions #Pedrali4art.