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The Arki family expands with new versions


The Arki family expands with new versions

A perfect balance


With its practical, height-adjustable top, the Arki-Table Adjustable Desk contributes to the creation of a functional and dynamic office space. Designed as a single workstation, it allows the user to work both standing up and sitting down, for optimal comfort and ergonomics.

Two electric actuators, connected to a control unit and activated by a controller placed under the top, move as one, allowing the user to choose the ideal height of the top, from 740 to 1140 mm.

Available in white or black full colour and in three shades of grey, the Arki-Table Adjustable Desk has an ultra-thin 6 mm solid laminate top, as well as steel trestle legs and an extruded aluminium support.

The cable access, placed between the top and the panel, allows to anchor the sound absorbing panel upholstered in fabric which divides one desk from another. The panel can be easily removed and cleaned.

Arki-Desk adds a new element to the Arki family, offering a simplified interpretation of the collection’s distinctive features. The Arki-Desk’s clean, linear design makes it particularly versatile and suitable for flexible and functional modern corporate and home offices.

Steel or solid oak trestle legs are connected together by a steel support, to which the top is fixed for added stability. A more casual and playful version of the Arki-Desk with a coloured frame is also available.

Arki-Bench expands the Arki collection yet further, reinterpreting the industrial look in a functional key. 

This linear, modular bench is characterised by a solid laminate seat and distinctive trestle legs in steel or solid oak, joined together by a steel support for added stability.

Arki-Bench is the ideal solution both for office spaces and for common areas in the contract and hospitality sectors. The version with steel legs is also suitable for outdoor use.