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A table divider


The Toa Folding Screen, designed by Robin Rizzini, is a sound absorbing desktop panel that separates and defines spaces.

Designed to meet the mobility and layout requirements of modern work spaces, it also responds to current social distancing needs. Moreover, it’s also the perfect solution for home working spacial arrangements. 

Given that it is extremely lightweight, the screen can be folded with ease and moved from one place to another, creating a defined and sound-proofed workstation.

The inner metal structure is upholstered in fabric with a zip that makes it easy to remove, clean and maintain.

Its panels can be arranged in a “U” shape to define a single 1 m workstation, in a “S” shape for two facing workstations, or in a “L” shape to extend your workspace to 1.5 m. Multiple screens can also be used in a variety of layouts to create multiple workstations on a single table. When not in use, the Toa Folding Screen can be easily folded and stored away on a bookshelf, given that it only measures just 4 cm in thickness.