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Small gestures that share the magic of Christmas


Small gestures that share the magic of Christmas

We send you our very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy and serenity. Also this year, we have decided to support a number of social issues particularly close to our hearts and have the pleasure to share them with you.


conGiulia Onlus, an association based in the Onco-haematology ward of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo, supports children and young people suffering from tumours. Pedrali supports the project entitled “Almost at home”, which aims to build and strengthen an indispensable bridge between hospital and everyday life, ensuring all the necessary home care so that, little by little, these young patients may regain a normal family life.

Eméra Project

The Eméra project, in the city and province of Brescia, sets out to help minors with families unable to provide learning support at home. Pedrali endorses this project and, in particular, the activities entitled “I play with others” and “ArtTherapy” which avail of the support of tutors and psychotherapists to improve the relational skills and enrich the cultural and social horizon of these children and their families.

Nadia Valsecchi Foundation

Fondazione Nadia Valsecchi Onlus supports and finances scientific research aimed at treating and preventing pancreatic cancer. Pedrali supports the foundation, the aim of which is to shed light on a relatively unknown disease by helping hospitals to care for the sick and inform patients and their families on the latest research developments.

Shalom Community

Established in 1986 in Palazzolo sull'Oglio to help and support young people engaged in the tough fight against drug addiction, Shalom Community currently supports over 300 women, men and children facing hardship. The aim is to offer concrete work and study opportunities to ensure full recovery and social reintegration. Pedrali has been supporting the community for over 30 years.


Pedrali reaffirms its commitment to cancer research by participating in Love Design, the design event organised by the Lombardy Committee of AIRC (the Italian Association for Cancer Research) in collaboration with ADI (Italy’s Industrial Design Association). This fund-raising initiative offers cancer research the concrete support of leading design brands.

1 Caffè Onlus

1 Caffè Onlus is a non-profit organisation that supports local small-scale charities engaged in offering assistance in emergency situations, both in Italy and abroad. Pedrali has furnished the association’s Base Camp in Montichiari, where many of the local charities operate from.