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Pedrali’s sustainability at VigoniForEurope 2019


Pedrali’s sustainability at VigoniForEurope 2019

VigoniForEurope, created by Villa Vigoni in collaboration with the Italian and German Ministries of Foreign Affairs, is a forum dedicated to cultural policies, which aims to provide a platform for discussion between the major European players.

How can creative industries promote a sustainable use of resources, responsible consumption and inclusive growth? How can they better embrace, through innovation, a stronger responsibility for sustainable action?

The two-days 2019 edition, entitled “Re-Thinking Creativity in a Changing Society”, promoted in collaboration with the Triennale Milano, questioned the new meanings of creativity in today’s society. Starting from the fields of design and fashion, the goal was to rediscover the value of creativity, whilst assigning it a substantial role in the ongoing debate on the future of the planet and humanity.

Monica Pedrali took part to the workshop “Rethinking Creativity” of the 16th of September telling the company’s expertise and experience in the field of sustainability: industrial design products and production processes thought for respecting the environment and the human beings.