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#PedraliPalaceofWonders at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019


Pedrali’s new collections come together to create a Palace of Wonders for visitors to explore

From 9 to 14 April Pedrali presents its new collections at the 58th Salone del Mobile.Milano through a special setting created by the Milanese architectural studio Calvi Brambilla, titled #PedraliPalaceofWonders (Hall 10, Stand B19-C28).

Pedrali’s “Palace of Wonders” is a contemporary space which showcases its elegant and minimal style. Step by step, visitors discover a sequence of rooms, real interiors in which the mood is created by the products themselves. This installation aims to tell different contexts of use, through nine sets that spread out around an impressive central courtyard.

The stand covers a surface area of 800 sq.m and has a single volume with a markedly architectural feel; it features longitudinal openings set at a 45° angle that create seamless visual continuity between the inside and out; allowing visitors who are strolling along the corridors to peek in and set off on a journey to discover the “Palace of Wonders”.

A majestic, imposing entrance reappears through two smaller architectural elements in the central courtyard, creating a monumental space that is refined and elegant, enhanced by the use of a neutral colour palette that helps create a warm, welcoming mood, reflecting the feel of contemporary buildings.

By creating this spectacular stand, Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla wanted to pay homage to the “wonders” presented by Pedrali. The new collections have a distinctive character and versatility that made it possible to create nine different sets, each styled by Elena Mora: a hotel restaurant, an urban restaurant, a living area, a library, a dining room, a bistro, a terrace, an office and a meeting room.

All the sets have been carefully curated down to every last detail, and all share the same graphic style.

Inside the Pedrali Palace of Wonders each of these “frames of lifeis made even more evocative by the addition of an element that moves away from reality: the result is that the narrative seems suspended. Every scene is interrupted by what is essentially a break with the composition, leaving space for a rational, explanatory component. The actual elements used for the set – from the floor to the walls, even the decorative objects – have been cut. The objective is to put the focus on the products themselves.

The different sets are created through the contrasts between classic pieces, reflecting the traditions that are deeply rooted in the collective imagination, and elements belonging to the realm of the surreal; this creates a narrative pace that keeps visitors engaged yet surprised.

This contrast helps to highlight the new products being launched at the fair; as true protagonists, stepping into the spotlight and acting as the common thread running throughout the whole stand.

Ten brand new products are presented by Pedrali at the Salone del Mobile this year, along with some of its more iconic collections, give character to the Palace of Wonders.