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A special mention for “fili d’erba”


The automated warehouse “Fili d’erba” - project by CZA- Cino Zucchi Architects, evidence of Pedrali’s commitment to landscape care, has received a special mention into the contest of the “Green Company Award”.

The prize, promoted by Arketipos, the Bergamo District Council and Confindustria Bergamo, with the support of ATS Bergamo, in collaboration with ABITARE magazine, aims to promote a landscape culture, influencing the way buildings are constructed, improving the quality of life.

The international board, headed by the landscape architect Stefan Tischer, explained the mention as follows: “Pedrali’s new automated warehouse is a real proof of integrated landscape architecture, a successful example that tells how a large building, located in an extra-urban context, can be integrated with the surrounding agricultural landscape. The project goes beyond the classic approach that tends to reduce the impact of an architectural object. It wants, instead, to establish a link with the landscape through a direct connection between architecture and environment. The board highly values the fact that the landscape and architectural cultures have met since the very beginning of the planning phase”.   

“Fili d’erba” and all other projects are the protagonists of an exhibition staged in Sala delle Capriate in Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo - until 25th September 2016.

From Tuesday to Friday:  9.30 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 am - 7 pm
Monday closed
Sala delle Capriate, Palazzo della Ragione – Piazza Vecchia – Bergamo

Free entry