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FLAG 5150W4

Pio e Tito Toso

Flag is a collection of coat hangers which is the result of the perfect synthesis of shape and function, the harmonious combination of elements that make it mono material looking.
Flag Wall polypropylene hooks are fixed to the steel bar without screws by an interlocking system, allowing an extremely fast composition. Its clean and sober design makes it suitable for many contexts, from public spaces to offices and domestic settings.
Available with four, eight or twelve hooks.

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Pio e Tito Toso

Pio und Tito Toso sind zwei venezianische Brüder, die im Jahr 1998 das Architekturstudium an der IUAV in Venedig absolvieren.  1996 eröffnen sie Ihr Studio und realisieren seitdem zahlreiche nationale und internationale Architektur-Projekte...


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