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Christmas 2015


Sharing  joys with friends.
We take this opportunity of Christmas Greetings to tell you about the activities of three social realities that we feel strongly about and we are happy to have supported during 2015.

An  association  born  from a group of parents with the aim to give a further aid  to autistic children or afflicted by similar syndromes. Pedrali sponsors this reality and its rehabilitation activities, educational and social  integration, with a special attention to families and home help.

Non-profit organization created to support pancreatic cancer scientific research, giving special emphasis to prominent research and young investigators. Pedrali helps this association in their aim to help medical centers to better assist patients, to promote the knowledge of pancreatic cancer among patients and families and to keep them updated on the latest scientific advances.

A community created  with the aim of rehabilitation  of young persons from drug dependence. Today it hosts  about 300 women, men and children with different problems and disturbances and it has the purpose to offer them real  study and job opportunities. For almost 30 years Pedrali has been also  supporting the Community  hiring the young persons in the assembling activities of samples cases  and of some components of the items of  the collection.